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by Tim Mondy on 07/06/15

Have you ever tried to figure out God's time table? It is something worth considering. Personally, I have a feeling that God is about to do something big in Centralia; however, I have felt that way for several weeks. Small victories have been won along the way, but not the big victory I feel is on the horizon. The anticipation is sometimes wearying, but at other times it brings excitement and energy. It is like the last three weeks of the school year. We know that soon the school year will be over and summer break begins, so we begin to lose interest in the day to day classes. I look forward to whatever God has planned, but it gets tough sometimes to stay excited, or even encouraged all the time. I understand we are in the already, but not yet phase of time. God has already done big things, but He has not yet completed His work.  

I guess what I am trying to say is we need to realize our time table is not the same as God's. Don't get discouraged because something you believe to happen has not yet happened. Never stop praying and seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit. God is not finished, and He will not be rushed. Stay true to Him, and I can promise you He will stay true to you.

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