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Fair Trade Friday

by Tim Mondy on 07/01/15

I wrote recently about becoming a member of the Fair Trade Friday blogging team. You may be wondering about what this is. I want to explain what Fair Trade Friday is all about this week. 

Fair Trade Friday (FTF) is an organization who is partnering with women from 18 countries around the world. The women in these areas make product of various types ranging from jewelry to lip balm and a whole lot in between. These women make items with the materials they have at hand, an many of them are recycled items which others have discarded. The women make the items, FTF puts together boxes (bags) of items and sells them in the US and returns the proceeds to the artisans. This is not a corporate venture, it is a group of volunteers who wish to make a difference in the world. Personally, I have been a member of FTF since the beginning of the year, and a few months ago, FTF created an earring of the month club, which I subscribed to for my wife. 
You can read more about this organization here: Fair Trade Friday Club

Why would you want to participate in FTF? Well, with every purchase, you are helping improve someone's life in a very real sense. Recently I purchased an item from a site promoting Fair Trade. It was a $20 item here in the States. I could have bought a similar item for either more or less than that, depending on the brand I might chose to buy. Realistically, $20 is a fair price for the item I bought. When I received the item, it had a card in it that thanked me for my purchase and went on to say that the proceeds of this item provided enough income to buy food for a MONTH!!! 

Does your Fair Trade purchase matter? I fed a worker for a month with one purchase instead of supporting a name brand. I have concluded that purchasing Fair Trade products is worth it. Back to Fair Trade Friday club. These volunteers put together these boxes each month, ship them to your door, and tell you how many women you have helped support around the world each month. I love getting the package, and my 17 year old daughter has caught the vision and she has subscribed as well. Your purchase not only affects you and the workers, it impacts those with whom you have influence.  

In life, we have a series of choices to make. My choices make an impact, and I love that about Fair Trade Friday. As they are fond of saying, "Your Yes Matters." Check out the link above and see what you can do to change your part of the world.

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