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New opportunities

by Tim Mondy on 12/15/15

I have recently been given several new opportunities to read, review, and promote books. As I progress, I am trying to get a separate blog started which will allow me to do this more effectively than this blog. Here is the new blog link: For now, I want to share reviews of good books with the readers on this blog. This way I can alert individuals of things I find as useful in my personal spiritual growth. As a reviewer, I do not expect to have all positive reviews, and I will share those to help readers avoid spending money on books I do not find beneficial or poorly written, or something with which I don't believe. 

One of the first new books I have been reading and have reviewed is a new book called Rediscovering Discipleship. I want to share my review of this book with you now, and hope it encourages you to get a copy to read for yourself. I find it exciting and encouraging, especially in light of where God has been leading us as a congregation:

This book has the potential to have a huge impact on your life as a follower of Christ, but also your life as a replicator of Christ followers.

As a pastor, I have struggled with the best way to train and equip individuals to evangelize and disciple. Some are open to sharing their faith more than others, and I readily accept this. I believe a certain level of spiritual maturity is needed before some will proclaim their faith. Once an individual begins to proclaim their faith, they tend to become more willing to share more of their faith, then begin sharing the Good News that others can have this relationship with Christ. Most people eventually accept some level of evangelism, which is a good thing. While it is great when people begin sharing their faith, there seems to be a point in this process where individuals seem to resist surpass.

Sharing one's faith tends to get easier for most believers. However, the process of discipling others seems to be the point many won't pass. Through the years I have heard countless reasons and excuses for the resistance in helping others know more of Christ. I believe this book helps identify the underlying reason for this hesitancy, but more importantly, it helps give gentle, practical advice in helping developing disciples for Jesus Christ.

Looking at the Bible in a cultural, historical context, Gallaty does an excellent job of helping look discipleship being a program. People can be trained in how  develop disciples, but they need to understand it is a lifestyle, not a program. As Gallaty draws the reader into a contextual setting for the words and actions of Jesus, the reader in turn realizes Jesus trained His disciples by living life with them. I believe the author does a nice job of helping the reader this is still possible, even expected, in the life of today's followers of Christ.

God's concern for us.

by Tim Mondy on 10/06/15

"I look up to the mountains— does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth! (Psalm 121:1-2).

This verse takes on special emphasis this morning. As I sit and drink my morning coffee, corresponding with people around our country, I am reminded of needs all over the place. A state away, the width of our country away, right across town. All over the place. Uncertainty in test results, surgical needs, spiritual needs. The list could go on for a while, but I think the point is adequately made. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of prayer requests if it weren't for the simple fact God is in control. 

There is no force in this world, or any other for that matter, which can withhold the might and power of a gracious, loving Father who cares about every need we may have. Though we tend to try to fix things by our own power much of the time, I simply wanted to remind all of us today that we need to stop looking at our surroundings as insurmountable obstacles, and look at them as opportunities for God to show us just how much He cares.


by Tim Mondy on 07/20/15

Change. The one thing in this life that is a constant. I was reminded of that recently. Kind of ironic don't you think? I have learned that change cannot be stopped, but I have also learned that it can be managed.

All change is not bad. Some change is actually quite beneficial. For example the type of change the Fair Trade Friday Club is working to bring about. Through Fair Trade Friday Club and Fair Trade Friday Earring club, change is taking place in a number of places around the world. Change for the better. 

Why is it change for the better? Because they are working to change misery and poverty to hope. Women around the world have hope today because of the efforts of the FTF Clubs. These women are earning life changing wages, and now supporting their families instead of trying to abandon their children or even trying to take their own lives. We in this country really can't grasp the depth of despair those in other countries experience. Mercy House Kenya was founded to try to help offer hope where despair reigned. 

These three entities are all interwoven to offer hope in these desperate situations. While FTF Club was founded to help support the Mercy House Kenya, it has a far greater benefit that it helps empower women in a growing number of countries while supporting the Mercy House. I do not have room to share all of the information I would like because I really don't think you would take the time to read it. My suggestion is to click on the links in this post and read the information contained about these organizations. If you will allow God to soften your heart, I believe He will then change your outlook on just how much your choice can make in the lives of those who are far less fortunate than you. 

You can sign up to join in the clubs when openings are available at, 

Those three links are all ways you can get involved and bring about positive change. The thing is, there are so many people who are joining the clubs to bring about change you may have to jump on the waiting lists. Don't worry, you can get in, just maybe not right at the moment.If you want to make an immediate impact, you can order from Mercy House Kenya directly through The Mercy Shop link on their site. These are all product you can purchase now, while you wait to get into the FTF clubs. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the items are, especially when you consider much of the end product is created from what we would typically consider trash. These incredible women take what we throw away and make something beautiful our of it. Frankly, that is why I love FTF Club. I invite you to check out the links and if you have any questions, I will be glad to try to answer them for you.


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by Tim Mondy on 07/06/15

Have you ever tried to figure out God's time table? It is something worth considering. Personally, I have a feeling that God is about to do something big in Centralia; however, I have felt that way for several weeks. Small victories have been won along the way, but not the big victory I feel is on the horizon. The anticipation is sometimes wearying, but at other times it brings excitement and energy. It is like the last three weeks of the school year. We know that soon the school year will be over and summer break begins, so we begin to lose interest in the day to day classes. I look forward to whatever God has planned, but it gets tough sometimes to stay excited, or even encouraged all the time. I understand we are in the already, but not yet phase of time. God has already done big things, but He has not yet completed His work.  

I guess what I am trying to say is we need to realize our time table is not the same as God's. Don't get discouraged because something you believe to happen has not yet happened. Never stop praying and seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit. God is not finished, and He will not be rushed. Stay true to Him, and I can promise you He will stay true to you.

Fair Trade Friday

by Tim Mondy on 07/01/15

I wrote recently about becoming a member of the Fair Trade Friday blogging team. You may be wondering about what this is. I want to explain what Fair Trade Friday is all about this week. 

Fair Trade Friday (FTF) is an organization who is partnering with women from 18 countries around the world. The women in these areas make product of various types ranging from jewelry to lip balm and a whole lot in between. These women make items with the materials they have at hand, an many of them are recycled items which others have discarded. The women make the items, FTF puts together boxes (bags) of items and sells them in the US and returns the proceeds to the artisans. This is not a corporate venture, it is a group of volunteers who wish to make a difference in the world. Personally, I have been a member of FTF since the beginning of the year, and a few months ago, FTF created an earring of the month club, which I subscribed to for my wife. 
You can read more about this organization here: Fair Trade Friday Club

Why would you want to participate in FTF? Well, with every purchase, you are helping improve someone's life in a very real sense. Recently I purchased an item from a site promoting Fair Trade. It was a $20 item here in the States. I could have bought a similar item for either more or less than that, depending on the brand I might chose to buy. Realistically, $20 is a fair price for the item I bought. When I received the item, it had a card in it that thanked me for my purchase and went on to say that the proceeds of this item provided enough income to buy food for a MONTH!!! 

Does your Fair Trade purchase matter? I fed a worker for a month with one purchase instead of supporting a name brand. I have concluded that purchasing Fair Trade products is worth it. Back to Fair Trade Friday club. These volunteers put together these boxes each month, ship them to your door, and tell you how many women you have helped support around the world each month. I love getting the package, and my 17 year old daughter has caught the vision and she has subscribed as well. Your purchase not only affects you and the workers, it impacts those with whom you have influence.  

In life, we have a series of choices to make. My choices make an impact, and I love that about Fair Trade Friday. As they are fond of saying, "Your Yes Matters." Check out the link above and see what you can do to change your part of the world.