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by Tim Mondy on 07/20/15

Change. The one thing in this life that is a constant. I was reminded of that recently. Kind of ironic don't you think? I have learned that change cannot be stopped, but I have also learned that it can be managed.

All change is not bad. Some change is actually quite beneficial. For example the type of change the Fair Trade Friday Club is working to bring about. Through Fair Trade Friday Club and Fair Trade Friday Earring club, change is taking place in a number of places around the world. Change for the better. 

Why is it change for the better? Because they are working to change misery and poverty to hope. Women around the world have hope today because of the efforts of the FTF Clubs. These women are earning life changing wages, and now supporting their families instead of trying to abandon their children or even trying to take their own lives. We in this country really can't grasp the depth of despair those in other countries experience. Mercy House Kenya was founded to try to help offer hope where despair reigned. 

These three entities are all interwoven to offer hope in these desperate situations. While FTF Club was founded to help support the Mercy House Kenya, it has a far greater benefit that it helps empower women in a growing number of countries while supporting the Mercy House. I do not have room to share all of the information I would like because I really don't think you would take the time to read it. My suggestion is to click on the links in this post and read the information contained about these organizations. If you will allow God to soften your heart, I believe He will then change your outlook on just how much your choice can make in the lives of those who are far less fortunate than you. 

You can sign up to join in the clubs when openings are available at, 

Those three links are all ways you can get involved and bring about positive change. The thing is, there are so many people who are joining the clubs to bring about change you may have to jump on the waiting lists. Don't worry, you can get in, just maybe not right at the moment.If you want to make an immediate impact, you can order from Mercy House Kenya directly through The Mercy Shop link on their site. These are all product you can purchase now, while you wait to get into the FTF clubs. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the items are, especially when you consider much of the end product is created from what we would typically consider trash. These incredible women take what we throw away and make something beautiful our of it. Frankly, that is why I love FTF Club. I invite you to check out the links and if you have any questions, I will be glad to try to answer them for you.


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